Food 4 You

A Organic food chain

It will be a healthy food and all outlet will be divided into 2 zones

Organic veg

Fresh non veg

Food 4 You is a flagship company of AITMC international Ltd. In this Division we are opening our Food spot in all corporate houses and leading academic institutions in India.

Envisioned as a retail F&B venture with all of these

Dine in



Quick Service Options

Mission and Vision

To keep youth in Academic institutions and workers in industries healthy.

Our mission is to participate in growth of India. Nation Growth depends on the industry and industry depends on its employees and workers. So to keep industry healthy we provide a delicious food to the each person working in the corporate who don’t have time to make food and need a homely made food on affordable prices.

To provide a healthy food to the students, as health is wealth and to keep India healthy its youngsters should be healthy. With this vision we are doing our efforts in academic institutions.

To Achieve above Things we will open our Food 4 U retail outlets in academic institutes, Factories and Corporate houses.

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